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Live Whole. Be Well.

What started as a journey of self healing and discovery has now become a life-long devotion to help others reach their fullest potential and activate the keys to total mind-body wellness and highest quality of life. After over a decade and a half working on understanding the integral roles of mentality, physicality, emotion and spirituality on her own wellness, Sonya has realized her role as a healer and educator to assist others on their own journey.

Sonya believes in cultivating health in every aspect of life beyond just standard nutrition and fitness. When all areas are nourished, we get something truly special - wellness. It is this belief in living wholly in each facet of life that Sonya passionately pursues and shares with others.

A lifetime of studying and professionally performing as a tap dancer and ballerina combined with training in a traditional Okinawan karate dojo taught Sonya the beauty of balancing the different natures within herself and how important it is to continuously work to refine and improve. Combined with an endless love of religion and spirituality and devotion to our mother Earth, Sonya felt the constant drive to be a positive force for change, and thus Langan Wellness was born.

Currently residing in Upstate New York, Sonya is a professor of Kinesiology at SUNY Cortland, as well as a practicing nutritionist and yoga and fitness instructor. Sonya has received a Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology concentrating in Exercise Science from SUNY Cortland, and a Master's of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College. She currently holds certifications as a Personal Trainer from the American College of Sports Medicine and is a certified 500 Hour Yoga Teacher  through the Yoga Alliance and Shoden I Reiki Practitioner. 

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We're all here for the love



IT Master & Finance Wizard

Bryan is the definition of calm, cool, and collected. His level-headedness and eye for detail, combined with education and experience in both tech and finance, make him the perfect addition to the team and the natural compliment to Sonya's typically not-thought-through spontaneity. He is very passionate about health and fitness and is Sonya's go-to yoga partner.



Technology Guru

Momma Langan has an extensive background in the technical arts of web design and coding, and is always on stand by to fix one of Sonya's inevitable tech mistakes. She also assists in photography, social media, research, and product design and construction. When she's not helping her daughter, she works for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals IT department working to create solutions to real-time health care and wellness problems.




Brenna is apprenticing with LW through her duration of study at SUNY Cortland, where she is working towards her major in Health Education with a concentration in College Health Promotion and Prevention Services, and a minor in psychology. With LW, she is studying holistic and alternative business practices, learning different healing modalities and how to blend Eastern and Western practices, and working towards her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification. B's wild curiosity and endless enthusiasm provide our team with new perspectives and encouragement in every class.

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